Sunday, January 16, 2011

Very Friendly Announcement: Fully booked for April 2011 ;)

Dear Readers (think there are a bit here and there somewhere :),

Thank you for all the support, and we do apologize for the lack of updates. The only camera went crazy and photos are of poor quality, too embarrassing to post any here. Waiting for the OPs to send us some..

And to family and friends who have been promoting Hantaran Boutique, we are truly grateful. Thanks so much!

We are not taking hantaran orders for this upcoming month of April. Fully booked, thanks to all of you. But we can still do hand bouquets and candy buffet. Yes, read it correctly. Candy buffet :) Make an appointment to see the latest project we have been involved in.

We will also be working very closely with a bridal house, caterers and some very talented photographers. Do contact us for more information.

Life is wayyyy easier when u can find everything under one roof :)

Promise, will update more often soon.

Zie 012.216.9454
Zie & the rest of us

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