Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hantaran - Rini Nadira (Part II)

Morning All,

Here's more photos of the hantaran for Rini's wedding. Enjoy!



Will update this post soon.. When my connection is better..

Handbouquet - Rini Nadira

Hi again,

Here's what I've done for Rini's solemnization and reception's handbouquets.. Theme was lilac & pink..
My cute niece was holding the bride's bouquet..
By end of the day, it wasnt as fresh as it was.. 
But it matched the theme perfectly during the day :)

Reception handbouquet.. Lovely couple :)

Wedding Hantaran - Rini Nadira (Part I)

Hi My Imaginative Readers.. lol..

Last week we had much fun in one of my favourite cousin's wedding.. We grew up together and she was my Maid of Honour.. To be able to watch her tie the knot with the person she loves the most was priceless..

Hantaran Boutique were assigned to decorate the hantaran for both; solemnization and reception bouquets for her.. So, enjoy.. (do wait for more decent photos from the OP; Danial Haikal. Another, VERY talented photographers..  Trust me. Just look at their previous portfolios. Impressive.

Deep Pink & Lilac Theme - All Fresh Flowers

I could only upload a photo.. Will try again soon..


Rental - Trays

Hi All,

We do have trays that u can rent as well.

Medium Size: RM 8 per tray 
Small Size: RM 5 per tray

RM5 per tray
In the meantime, do contact me for further clarification at 012. 216. 9454


Current Rates - Hantaran

Hi Lovelies,

Here's our current rates for Hantaran.

Artificial Flowers
RM 20 per tray

Fresh Flowers
Depends on your requirements i.e. full, moderate amount of flowers.
Of course u can choose your own flowers and theme colours, but availability depends on the season.
RM30 - 60 per tray
If u do hire me for the decorations i.e. one of the above, rental for trays will be waived.

Any queries, feel free to PM or call me at 012. 216. 9454.
If u need to see some other samples, u may drop by at our house in USJ, but only by appointment.


Hantaran - Sarah Salleh

Hi Everyone,

As requested by many, I will now post up a little photos of what I have done in the past for hantaran (those we have managed to capture). Here's a few taken during Sarah's engagement day last October. Very, very sweet couple.

 Nice portrait of the couple when they were little. Very cute :)
Tray full of berries & grapes

It was a beautiful ceremony, with much love.. See you guys soon..