Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Hantaran - Mazlan

Should I say hi again?? Hehee...

Now, for Mazlan, we used cinderella carriages for his hantaran to his super gorgeous wife (now).

We have 3 sets of those and each set comprises of small and medium size carriages. Rental is only at RM20 per set.

Some facial care

Blackberry & purse




Told u the bride is SUPER GROGEOUS! A very handsome couple :)

Rates for the above hantaran design is only at RM35 per tray (flowers and rental for trays included)

Do contact us to order @ 012 -216 9454 (Zie) & 012 - 216 1067 (Akie)

p/s: so im THAT FAT at 4 months pregnant! Imagine me at full term.. **faint**

Zie Rosli

Wedding Hantaran - Sarah Salleh

Hi again,

So my dear friend requested us to do her wedding hantaran too, after she was very happy with the ones we did for her engagement. We are of course, more than happy to receive the order!

Shirt, pants & tie


Those smell good things ;)


Wallet & belt

Shoes & socks

Rates for the above hantaran design is only at RM35 per tray (flowers and rental for trays included)

We have 4 sets of these trays, each set consists of 3 different size of trays i.e. small, medium, big. We are renting out the trays only at RM15 per set!

Do contact us to order @ 012 - 216 9454 (Zie) and 012 - 216 1067 (Akie)

Zie Rosli

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Hantaran - Melinda

Hi All,

Again, sorry for the long delay in uploading photos. A lot of things been happening, mostly are good, but some are bad this very lately. To conclude, we've lost our camera and me, I've lost my phone!! Apologies for the bad quality of photos.. All were from blackberry, and it's as good as it can get. Enjoy!

Was booked by Melinda, with red and white theme and she requested it not to be too girly :) ~ very cute!!

Handbouquet - pale pastel colour for nikah

Sireh junjung

Watch ~ and nope, belakang tu bukan tudung saji. u're imagining things ;)

Highlighting the tray, with dangling diamondssss :) Thanks Jules!

Shoes ~ on a very stable tray, recommended for outstation orders

So, there you go.. There are lot of other photos, am still looking for whats left. Uploading soon!

Do contact us to order @ 012 -216 9454 (Zie) and 012 -216 1067 (Akie)

Zie Rosli